Assisting companies to raise the required capital

About Us

 Siddhi Consulting is one of the blooming names  in the  fund raising market. As one of the upcoming company in the private equity, Business Valuations , Debt  domain, we differ from other names in the market as we leave no stones unturned to maintain a healthy relationship with our clients. Our experienced team focuses on all the dynamic sectors of the market that are changing rapidly with robust growth. We do funding from Rs. 1 crore onwards and we are keen to accept proposals from all over India. We aim at assisting companies to raise the required capital to help them in achieving their goal which sometimes acts a catalyst in achieving market leadership.


Founded in 2015, by Manas Survee, Sanjiv Swarup, and Indraneel Sen Gupta.
Our team of knowledgeable professionals is well experienced in identifying outstanding entrepreneurs and management teams of blooming businesses. We are in search of such companies who have a clear and constructive business strategy with significant opportunities to compete with defendable market positioning. We believe in keeping the relationship with our clients transparent and thus we make it very clear beforehand that the investors can reject the case at their own sole discretion.
Some of the key points of Siddhi Consulting
  • We do fund raising from Rs. 1 crore onwards.
  • We accept proposals from all over India.
  • We believe in maintaining a transparent relationship with our clients and thus brief them about all the pros and cons before they make any major decision.
Last but not the least, we do not believe in following a broad approach as it wastes the time of both the investor and the client. Rather we define the nature of our investors and our client’s demand and life cycle stages. We believe in operating with companies who do not have a fixed life cycle stage. Thus we claim ourselves as the most helping hands for the companies who want to grow as we understand their need efficiently.
Mission Statement
Assisting companies to raise the required capital.
Honesty – Strategic Thinking- Innovation



Manas Survee
CEO of Siddhi Consulting

He has over 16 years of experience in Real Estate and Finance. The years have added to the expertise he has in the field. In his time of work, he has handled various large projects benefitting groups of people at the same time. Through this platform, he aims to facilitate the exchange of opportunities between investors and buyers of hospitals. He is a delight to work with and happens to be great at managing people and closing deals!

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Sanjiv Swarup
Management Consultant

The man with over 30 years of experience has been and is an important guiding factor for the company and its team. Educated in Law, Economics, Accounting, and Finance from reputed institutes, there is no gap that he can’t fill. His knowledge and wisdom are ever-evolving which enables the company to grow and achieve goals!

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